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Our Discoverability Module Has Evolved!

Find out if your product gets the retail visibility it deserves in over 650 online retailers globally. Understand if console platforms are delivering your paid space and ascertain competitive marketing spends to maximise budgets, across various consumer profiles. Ensure products can be correctly found on any site, regardless of mis-spellings or brand only searches. Watch the video to find out more and book a demo to see it in action!

Available in Fusion, our pioneering game analytics platform

We specialise in up to the minute data and Fusion puts you in complete control of it all. Powerful enough to plot graphs, tables and visual insights instantly, allowing you to easily blend our multiple data sources and understand trends, performances and KPIs, all in one place.

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Solutions that work for you

We realise needs and priorities differ depending on business type, that’s why we offer customised solutions from supplying one-off focused reports through to continued, full analytical consultancy with multiple, access anytime reports and everything in between. Let us do the hard work for you.


Communication, Commercial & Consumer game analytics all in one place, for easy tracking and analysis of all your products and competitors.


Prepare pitch data, evaluate proposed in-game features, collate suitable influencers or monitor your campaign against a competitor.


Helping you spot opportunities before other investors. What’s gaining traction, early release / beta successes and ultimately where’s best to invest.


We'll work with you on customised reports, presenting our data in bespoke formats, offering full, in-depth analysis, allowing you to make smart, strategic decisions.

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Real time intelligence
Game analytics

Specialising in up to the minute data, with bespoke analytical tools and unrivalled knowledge offering completely unique solutions that put you in absolute control. We pride ourselves on offering the best. The best quality of data, the best variety of data, the best tools and the best customer service, allowing you to make fully informed decsions effortlessly.


Track business data - pricing, retailer discoverability, pre-orders, sell-through, etc. Then instantly blend it alongside social tracking, influencer coverage, sentiment and more.


Understanding data and trends is vital in making the right decisions. Blend and easily visualise any or all data sources in one place, fully customisable for your exact needs.


Compare to any video game that is forthcoming, rumoured or launched since 2010. Easily see where your campaign or business strategy can be fine tuned.


Instantly give colleagues insight. Design your own dashboard and circulate data automatically, or let us create reports for you and give access to the whole team.

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Some of the biggest names in games work with us globally. It’s our specialist knowledge and bespoke services which bring a perfect blend of support and insight that is totally unrivalled by any other data provider. Most of our clients are long term partners demonstrating the value we bring to their businesses time and again.

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our clients think.

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Fusion, our data platform, is so powerful that it can plot almost any graph, table or visual insights instantly. Understanding trends, performances and KPI’s has never been so dynamic, visual and easy to understand. All our solutions are tailored to your business type and exact requirements.

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Some useful industry resources and game analytics covering PR, Social, Key Influencers and more.


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